“There are 2 reasons why you’re reading this:
First, and most obvious, you’re looking for information on Contractor Websites.
Second, and most important to your business, is that you found us here on the internet.”

Contractor and Small Business Websites Checklist

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Contractor, Construction and Small Business Website Design

As you can see by the quote above, this is the Contractor's website that helps the Small Business owner to have a website designed that can actually be found. So many times I have seen Contractors and local businesses move into the digital age by utilizing the many "free" website design offers out there. Many times I've seen well thought out and attractive website designs that the Contractors and Small Business owners were very proud of but they lacked the one important thing that is absolutely necessary on the internet... Can it be found?

There are many new customers searching for services provided by local Contractors and Small Business owners every day, but your business may be NOWHERE to be found. Improving your website's presence on the internet search engines will greatly increase your customer base.

The market place of the future is online sales. Don't miss your opportunity to get more business. More and more smart phones are flooding the marketplace with people searching for products and services everyday. Let us show you how to increase your sales significantly.

We build small business websites so that they focus on your targeted audience, in other words, customers in your area. Our Website Design will put your business on page one of Google for as many cities as you want.

I have created semi-templated Contractor and Small Business website design structures that not only get your message across and your name out there but will also rank very high in your local market. That market can be determined by you and can be as small or as large as you see fit. You can start small and build on your new website design later. Right now the weather is about to break in many parts of the country and, since it takes a period of time for Google to move a new site into a position on the front page, the time to act is now. Please feel free to click on the various topics, including the pricing page, and then contact us to get started on your own custom website design.

Jim Taliaferro